Yosemite 2005 - Planning Calendar

Sunday, June 19th: Leave from Lake City with Loobster for Yosemite.
Monday: Arrive in the morning. Guide Damon's wife up route of choosing (with Loobster)
Tuesday: Guide Damon's wife up something (Loobster and I will do this) or climb something with Loobster
Wednesday: Guide another day? (Loobster and I will do this) or climb something with Loobster.
Thursday: Huge day with Hans (Loobster in support and video/photo document)
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Something with Loobster. Options:

  1. RA, Snake Dike, East Buttress of Middle
  2. Cathedral Spires plus Middle and Upper?
  3. The Leaning Tower's West Face
  4. The Prow
  5. Mt. Watkins - this would take two days
  6. Galactic Hitchhiker on Glacier Point Apron
  7. Lurking Fear
  8. Triple Direct

Sunday: My Favorite Things

Monday: Bike/hike Boundary Peak and drive to Notch Peak
Tuesday: Hike up to Notch Peak's north face and check it out. Descend and drive back to Loobster's house.
Wednesday: Either Loobster drives me home, I take a bus, or a friend comes out and drives me back.